Clinical and Financial Impact at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center After Deploying LUMINARE's Sepsis Detection and Treatment Platform


Explore the impact of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s decision to implement LUMINARE’s sepsis detection and treatment model in the Emergency Department (ED). Areas that will show impact include Length of Stay (LOS) (e.g., Inpatient Unit LOS, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) LOS, and Total LOS), sepsis mortality, and days on a ventilator.


  • David M. Wrigley - Chief Financial Officer of Cedars Sinai Health System
  • Sarma Velamuri M.D. - CEO/Co-founder of LUMINARE
  • James Hearn MHA - VP of Operations at LUMINARE
  • Jeremy Roseman MBA - Program Administrator at Cedars Sinai Accelerator
  • Jacqueline Schryer-Praga, MSL - Director of Clinical Performance Excellence at LUMINARE

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