On-Demand Webinar: Keep Your Manufacturing Plant Safe and Productive with Quickscreen: A Case Study on Martin Preferred Foods

Trying to keep production running at maximum capacity, but worried that you’ll have to shut down the manufacturing plant or facility because an employee has COVID-19? Keep your workplace safe with Quickscreen by Luminare, a syndromic surveillance tool that helps get your employees back to work safely.

Join Luminare and Hamilton Health Box to learn more about how this software and healthcare provider increased productivity at Martin Preferred Foods while improving safety in our on-demand webinar!

We will cover the following:

  • ✔️ How to return to full productivity and improve safety
  • ✔️ How to avoid unnecessary shutdowns
  • ✔️ Proven strategies for addressing a positive COVID case
  • ✔️ Case Study: Martin Preferred Foods implementation of Quickscreen
    • ✔️ Problems faced and solutions applied
    • ✔️ 80% fewer COVID positive cases than other manufacturers
Martin Preferred Foods

Meet the Founder of Luminare: Dr. Sarma Velamuri

Meet the CEO and Founder, Sarma Velamuri, M.D. and hear his story on why he started Luminare and learn about our mission to stop sepsis, COVID-19, and other leading causes of hospital readmissions.


luminareLogoAbout Luminare

Luminare's mission is to stop deaths and morbidity through efficient, software-driven workflow optimization and digitization of manual processes. It was awarded Most Promising Web & IT company in the US in 2017 by Jones School of Business at Rice University and is also an alum from cohort X6 of the Texas Medical Center’s accelerator, TMCX+. Luminare has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on their interoperability showcase on sepsis to demonstrate their software, Sagitta, to effectively move patient care. Luminare developed Quickscreen, an innovative COVID-19 screening tool to help people get back to work and keep businesses safe. To learn more about Luminare, visit www.luminaremed.com.