[Free White Paper] Innoculate by Luminare: The Streamlined Solution for COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution


Innoculate is designed for public health departments, large enterprise or educational systems, hospitals, pharmacies, or any organization tasked with administering the vaccine as an end-to-end solution to manage a high volume of vaccinations. 

By deploying Innoculate, a vaccine administrator can maximize the throughput of patients based on availability and other criteria, track vaccines at a granular level, and report on efficacy data. Various cities and counties have already implemented Innoculate to help distribute more COVID-19 vaccines. At the City of Corpus Christi, Innoculate was able to improve productivity at the vaccine site from 150 people vaccinated per hour to greater than 600 people vaccinated per hour. 

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How Innoculate Works

How does Innoculate help you manage and distribute COVID-19 vaccines? Learn how the solution works in this video.


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Luminare’s mission is to stop death and morbidity through efficient, software-driven workflow optimization and digitization of manual processes. We were awarded Most Promising Web & IT company in the US in 2017 by Jones School of Business at Rice University and are also an alum from cohort X6 of the Texas Medical Center’s accelerator, TMCX+. Luminare has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on their interoperability showcase on sepsis to demonstrate their software, Sagitta, to effectively move patient care. Luminare developed Quickscreen, an innovative COVID-19 screening tool to help people get back to work and keep businesses safe.